Your students will go on an exciting phonics and reading voyage with Captain Bob and his cartoon crew.

Adults and Children will become excellent readers.


Literacy Reading Voyages is a self-directed reading web site. 

It begins with basic phonics and decoding instruction and builds to more

advanced levels of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. 


Early reading education is one of the most important phases in a child's development. It is the most important time in a child's life when he/she can learn at a maximum retention and interest. We believe that providing fun, educational resources for children, parents and teachers helps to improve early childhood learning skills making for a happier and more effective adult.


Ages 4 - Adults

English & Spanish Instruction

Over 400 Hours
Reading Instructional Activities

Only $ 30 Full Year – Home Use
Only $ 99 Full Year – Classroom
Only $ 1999 Full Year – School Site

Students have fun and improve their literacy skills!

Welcome Aboard Mates!


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Dr. Reginald Oxendine, Sr  - Owner; Bob Ladrach, Program Designer
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