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About Literacy Reading Voyages - Our Mission

Literacy Reading Voyages were created by Arrow Educational Products. The mission of Literacy Reading Voyages web site is to provide literacy programs to help improve reading, writing, spelling and comprehension of children and adults. Our education resources are delivered by interactive literacy websites to help students progress from basic reading skills to more advanced reading instruction.

Our online educational instruction begins with phonics and phonemic awareness and proceeds to advanced levels of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension instruction. It has English and Spanish literacy instruction to help students in grades PK-4 through 9th grade (Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School and Junior High School).

Our literacy instruction programs are excellent remedial educational instruction for special education students, Spanish Students, ESL students, bilingual students, and adult education students.

Our Literacy Reading Voyages web site includes much information and educational resources recommended by the International Reading Association, the National Right to Read Foundation, and The International Literacy Institute and other Literacy Organizations. It also includes many free literacy materials and valuable information.

Our literacy reading products align with the No Child Left Behind and the Common Core State Standards of Reading, Speaking, Listening, Language, Writing, Media and Technology.Parents and Educators can download lots of free literacy materials and valuable information at Arrow Educational Products page.

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Welcome to online interactive training for kids and adults.
Over 400 Hours of Reading, Writing, Spelling and Comprehension.

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